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The Herbalista Free Clinic, aka the Herb Bus, is a mobile free clinic and classroom, providing earth-based care to underserved communities. In addition to offering clinical services, we spread the health by sharing our model of healthcare with the larger herbal community through workshops and publications.

Though the Herb Bus travels coast to coast, we are hubbed in the Atlanta area. We are currently looking for an apprentice to assist both on the Bus and at Herbalista Headquarters in East Atlanta on Wednesday’s from 8am – 6pm. This apprenticeship will begin October 22nd, and requires a minimum 6-month commitment. We are accepting 2 apprentices for the current program.  There is no tuition fee.

This apprenticeship is a blend of responsibility and educational opportunity. You will be trained on and practice a variety of skills, from apothecary maintenance to clinical concerns. We are a small operation, and joining our crew will allow you to observe and participate in the nuts ‘n bolts of how we keep this healthcare initiative rolling. As a significant portion of this apprenticeship revolves around our free clinic project, we are looking to share this opportunity with applicants who hold a similar philosophy and wish to eventually service their own communities.

If you have passion for supporting and serving your neighbors (both people and plants), if you have a basic knowledge of herbal medicine, if you can dedicate your Wednesday’s to our mission and you are ready to make a commitment to our crew, please download the application at

We will be accepting applicants until September 15th.=

Thank you for your commitment to building a more vital and verdant community through herbalism. Viva la Herb Bus!

~Lorna Mauney-Brodek, Herbalista


Image 12The final stop on the Herb Bus’s 2014 west Coast Tour, was at Ponderosa High School in Flagstaff, AZ.  This is my second year visiting this accomodations high school that is tasked with educating a diverse and underserved group of teens.  The Bus was hosted by the Terra BIRDS program, a local nonprofit that teaches kids stewardship and sustainability through gardening.  Together with the students they have turned what was once desert pavement, into an incredible example of permaculture in action.  

This Tuesday morning, we set up the Bus so the students could learn more a bit about what we do at the Herbalista Free Clinic.  After showing the medicine kits and describing the type of healthcare we provide, we stepped into their garden and talked about the plants they had already growing around them.  I was honored to get to share my work on the Bus with them and look forward to another visit!

Foot Care on Skid Row

On my final day in LA, before heading east, I visited the Los Angeles Catholic Worker “Hippie Kitchen,” located in the middle of the central city ghetto known as Skid Row. Founded in 1970, this Hospitality Kitchen is part of the Catholic Worker Movement, founded in the 30’s by Dorothy Day with the mission to “feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, care for the sick, clothe the naked, visit the prisoner.”

This center is more than a soup kitchen. In addition to meal and clinical services, they have cultivated a garden beyond belief, filled with artwork and heart, to provide a refuge from the harsh reality of living on the street.  
IMG_9392At the Open Door’s Harriet Tubman Foot Clinic we have been lucky to host, on occasion, workers from the LACW Foot Clinic.  I am so glad to now have the chance to work with their crew on Footcare Friday!  In the middle of such tragedy, the Hippie Kitchen shines like a jewel. The gardens and buildings are filled with mosaics and murals. A contrast to the encampments which line the streets of Skid Row each night.The foot clinic at the Hippie Kitchen, is held outside in the middle of the gardens.  What a healing experience for the wounded, to gaze upon flowers as their feet are tended.  And what an incredibly moving experience for the practitioner, to work in these magical surroundings.

I hope to return again next year, to visit with this community, so dedicated to caring for their brothers and sisters and friends on the street.  I look forward to getting the chance to once again, share skills and share in this uplifting work.  Big shout out to the folks of the LACW!  Thank you!