April Herbal Happenings
Monday, April 1, 2013

Can you feel the energy? Spring is erupting in a riot of colors and aromas, as the familiar faces of our beloved plant companions reemerge onto the scene. It’s time to hit the field! This herbalista was thrilled to pack up the bus, head to the hills, and enjoy the spring ephemerals (our early spring flowers) this past weekend. While flower gazing, I discovered a new trick to get the macro shots I’ve always struggled with. By holding my loop (a jeweler’s magnifying glass) up to the camera lens on my iPhone, I was finally able to focus on even the tiny sprays of yellow root blossoms. Click here to see more from my ephemeral meanderings.

In between plant rendezvous, I spent Saturday afternoon teaching at Warren Wilson College. After a mini-lecture on herbal first aid, we launched into a discussion about community herbalism and the realities of free clinic work. I spoke about my experience at both the Harriet Tubman Foot Clinic and with the Herb Bus. I was moved and heartened to see their enthusiasm for this type of work– bringing plant medicine to the people. While the field of herbal medicine has certainly grown exponentially in the last decade, it is not what you would consider a lucrative career path. Add to that a “free clinic” component, and you have a recipe for “never getting out of your school debt.” This was obviously NOT the talk I gave. Instead I simply shared my motivation for this type of work and the true rewards that pour into your life when you follow your passion and walk a healing path. I think they bought it 🙂
apr2013_2This photo was taken at an Herb Bus clinic in February. At this particular clinic we served 6 people. We provided them with delicious tea, health recommendations, and herbs that would last them a month, until the Bus’ return. And return we do. Every month! One of the core tenants of our clinic is that we provide continuous care to our patients, giving them both the time and the amount of herbs needed to support chronic conditions. And with each visit, we are seeing that this dedication and follow-up pays off. If you would like to see more workings of the Herbalista Free Clinic (aka the Herb Bus), through the magical lens of photographer Jessica Horwitz, just click here. If you are moved by what you see and would like to help us continue in our mission to bring earth-based care to underserved populations, please consider donating to the Herb Bus. Just to give you an idea of what your donation can provide, we are averaging around $200/per clinic in material costs (herbs, bottles, etc.) Thank you for helping us to better serve our community.

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