COVID-19 Community Care Center

These are difficult times and we began this page in order to share the things we are trying and finding useful– safety protocols, recipes, handouts, etc.  We hope they will be helpful to you and your loved ones.

This pandemic is revealing how torn the social and welfare fabric of our country is. Many, actually all of us, will suffer greatly due to this lack of public health policy, lack of universal healthcare, lack of housing, lack of food security, lack of so many things… maybe these events will teach us as a nation and a globe that health and happiness are not independent of others. They are collective pursuits. True healthcare is based on a foundation of mutual respect and mutual aid!

The Herbalista Free Clinic is preparing large amounts of HerbCare Packages for distribution to our friends on the street every week.  If you would like to contribute to our work, please click here or on the button below to view our wish list.

DISCLAIMER DISCO: We are herbalists and not licensed medical doctors and do not diagnose or prescribe.  The information here is based on a variety of sources, including the WHO, the CDC, and a variety of herbal traditions.  Many of the recommendations are based on traditional applications for managing respiratory viruses in general. We make no claim regarding COVID-19, as this viral strain is new and so unknown to us.  All folks are different, with different needs and different ways that their bodies respond to illness and to herbs. Please listen to your body and trust your experience. Hopefully you will have other support as well, from family and friends, from the medical community, and from our government.  We hope that together we can all find the care we need in these difficult times.

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Main File

COVID-19 Community Care Guide

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Practical resources and protocols for the community herbalist and folks in general. This 11 page guide covers a range of topics such as basic COVID information; sanitation concerns (including how to make your own hand sanitizer); personal prevention; community living prevention; dealing with stress and anxiety; cold-care kitchen medicine; basic home care for mild illness; recuperation;  clinical and apothecary concerns; and oh so much more.

Let’s keep each other safe and healthy!


Kitchen Medicine

Cold-Care Kitchen Medicine Handout

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Our kitchens are literal medicine chests! These recommendations and recipes are based on traditional approaches for managing basic health, supporting the body and mind when under the weather.

Cold-Care Kitchen Basic Shopping List

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Having supplies ready in the pantry BEFORE you get sick is a good idea.  Here are some suggestions of items to have on hand:

Electrolyte Blend (Simple)

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It’s important when you are sick to stay hydrated.  While water and teas are an amazing way to stay hydrated, sometimes you need a little extra! 

Fire Cider

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Spicy vinegar based tonic made with pungent and aromatic kitchen herbs! 

Winter Soup/ Stock

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This handout gives basic instructions to prepare a deeply nourishing and immune enhancing soup stock to help you stay healthy all winter long… or in this case, all year long!


Cold Care Tea

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This tea blend is based on traditional blends used to support us when we’re down with a cold.  The main ingredients are diaphoretics, which help our bodies modulate our temperature.  The combination of Elder Flower, Yarrow, and Peppermint is a classic blend that has been used for decades, if not centuries, to support our bodies through the cold + flu.

Lung Re-Leaf Tea

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This tea blend is a tasty way to support your lung health. Filled with lovely aromatics it is also an uplifting blend!

Sweet Soother Tea

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A blend of mucilaginous, anti-inflammatory and vulnerary herbs, this blend is indicated for things like a sore throat, acid reflux, a dry cough, an itchy rash (topically and internally), etc.  Not to mention, it tastes sweet and lovely!

Tulsi Chai

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This tea blend combines aromatic Tulsi Basil with a spicy-sweet chai blend.  Tulsi is a lovely adaptogenic herb that promotes wellness of body and mind. 

Tonics, Extracts and Elixirs


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This hot glycerite extract combines herbs that have traditionally been used to prevent and speed the healing from cold + flu, boost immunity, and support the respiratory system.


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This hot glycerite compound is a tasty way to support your body and immune system.  We made the first big batch to bring to Standing Rock and named it in their honor. Take alone or mix with other remedies such as Fire Cider or a cup of hot tea!  Glycerine is a non-alcoholic solvent and is also safe for use by diabetics.

Fire Cider

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“Fire Cider is a popular traditional herbal remedy freely shared, made, produced and sold by hundreds of herbalists across the world. The remedy has taken on many different amendments over time, somewhat like chicken soup.  The remedy is used to help warm up the body, and generally acts a stimulant and antimicrobial used during cold and flu season.” Rosemary Gladstar, Herbalist

Topical Preparations

Hand Sanitizer Formulas

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If you are unable to wash your hands with soap and water, use a hand sanitizing rub.  Here are a set of recipes we use in the Herbalista Free Clinic, which were originally based on formulas by the World Health Organization.

Public Health Resources

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Open Link

CDC Coronavirus COVID-19 Information Hub

World Health Organization (WHO)

Open Link

WHO Coronavirus COVID-19 Information Hub

UK Public Health Department

Open Link

Guidance for health professionals and other organizations

Vitamin D Recommendations by the Joint Committee on Health – Ireland

Open PDF

About this document

Mutual Aid + Equity

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief (MADR)

Open Link

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief is a grassroots disaster relief network based on the principles of solidarity, mutual aid, and autonomous direct action.

And here is a direct link to their COVID Resources Page:

NAACP: Coronavirus Equity Considerations

Open Link

The coronavirus outbreak is officially a pandemic, according to the World Health Organization. Because of the racial and economic inequities embedded in our country’s systems, the effects of the coronavirus could be compounded for Black, Brown, Asian, and indigenous communities, as well as other population groups.

Mutual Aid Resources Hub by Paper Revolution Collective

Open Link

Info on what mutual aid is; resources for building community and groups, listings of mutual aid groups around the US and the world; inspirational examples of mutual aid in action throughout history; etc.

Indigenous Mutual Aid Directory

Open Link

Indigenous Mutual Aid is an information and support network with an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist framework. They exist to inspire and empower autonomous Indigenous relief organizing in response to COVID-19.

It’s Going Down (USA)

Open Link

Autonomous Groups Are Mobilizing Mutual Aid Initiatives to Combat the Coronavirus

Freedom News (UK)

Open Link

COVID-19 UK Mutual Aid groups: a list

Street Medicine

Street Medicine Practice during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Open Link

“People experiencing unsheltered homelessness are at high risk of dying from COVID19…While people sleeping in shelters are at increased risk due to the impossibility of physical distancing, most people experiencing homelessness have chronic, severe medical conditions … that place them at high risk of death from COVID19. This document offers guidance for safety, scarcity of supplies, and special considerations for street medicine teams caring for rough sleepers.” Produced by the Street Medicine Institute

Mental Health + Self-Care

Viral Anxiety and Herbal Medicine

Open PDF

5 page handout by 7Song with herbal suggestions to support our mental health during this crisis.

The Icarus Project

Open Link

The Icarus Project is a support network and education project by and for people who experience the world in ways that are often diagnosed as mental illness. We advance social justice by fostering mutual aid practices that reconnect healing and collective liberation.

COVID Resource and Information Guide

Open Guide

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. NAMI has over 600 state organizations and affiliates across the nation. Find your local NAMI here. We hope this guide is helpful to the NAMI community and the greater public during this difficult period.

Self-Care: Creating a Wellness Plan

Open Link

“Breaking Isolation: Self Care and Community Care Tools for our People” by the Audre Lorde Project

Taking Care of the Basics Poster

Open JPG

This poster is a comic Sophie Crumb made for the Icarus Project about being sure you eat good food, sleep, exercise, take your meds/herbs/etc., and have some kind of schedule.  Helpful reminders.

First Aid for Emotional Trauma

Open PDF

“A two-page handout on what emotional trauma is and how to work to heal it, written by Will Hall and based on Peter Levine, Hakomi, Judith Herman, and Process-Oriented Psychology. 12-08 update: this flyer is in use by the Bay Area Crititical Incident Stress Management team.”– Icarus Project

Ear Acupressure for Homeless Shelter Stress Management

Open YouTube Video
“A simple self massage technique, the NADA protocol using ear acupressure to assist with stress management and mental wellness. You can do this any time, any place, while home sheltered. Want to join our NADA group zoom sessions, where you can practice applying this technique in a supportive environment? Learn more about our training program for acupuncture, acudetox and acupressure:


Color for Justice!  Color for Calm!

Printable Coloring Book
Pandemic Animals 💜 We are the medicine. Original illustrations by Ricardo Levins Morales. Adapted for coloring pages by Cory Teshera-Levye. Free for non-commercial use.


Nature Soundmap

Open Link

Immerse yourself in a pulsating insect chorus in Borneo’s tropical rainforest, or climb the Himalayas and relax to the melodies of birdsong in an alpine meadow. Use Nature Soundmap to discover the wonderful soundscapes and wildlife sounds of our planet.



Open Zoom

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 1pm until May 1st.

Meditation is a powerful tool to maintain mental health during this time.  It should be accessible to everyone. 

Hosted by Mark Flanagan, licensed therapist and mind body practitioner. 


Relaxing Breathwork Mindfulness Card

Open PDF

Printable postcards with a simple relaxation breathing technique.  We include these in our HerbCare Packs.

Tension + Release Mindfulness Card

Open PDF

Printable postcard with a mindfulness technique.  The card leads you through a simple tension and relaxation exercise. We include these in our HerbCare Packs.

Herbal Perspectives

American Herbalists Guild Response to COVID-19

Open Link

Best Practices for the Herbalist issued by the American Herbalists Guild on April 9th.

Resources for the Herbalist and Community Care Worker

Open Link

compiled by Larken Bunce for Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism lasted updated 3/22/20; will be updated as more resources become available

American Herbalists Guild COVID-19 Resources

Open Page

This page  serves as a collection of articles, links, resources, recommendations, and more centering around COVID-19.

Herbal Language Tips During COVID

Open Link

MaryBlue, Herbalist, Things Western Herbalist should be aware of when recommending herbs during the COVID-19 Crisis, with a focus on how we describe our remedies to avoid “practicing medicine without a license” or making claims to “treat”.


Treating Pandemic Influenza with Herbal Medicine

Open PDF

written during the Swine Flu by British Herbalists Christopher Hedley and Non Shaw.  Straightforward advice on dealing with a flu from a holistic perspective.

COVID-19: An Herbalist’s Perspective

Open Facebook Video

featuring Guido Masé, Tammi Sweet, Deb Soule, and Charis Lindrooth

Podcast 116: Herbs for Coronavirus

Open PDF

podcast from the Commonweath Center for Holistic Herbalism, featuring herbalists Katja and Ryn.  More than just herbs, they cover other essentials such as sanitation, supplies, immune support, and more.

COVID Guidance by American Society of Acupuncturists

Open PDF

helpful recommendations for Licensed Acupuncturists as issued by this Society

Institute for Functional Medicine: Covid-19

Open Link

IFM COVID-19 Functional Medicine Resources for both patient and practitioner.  Guides to Nutriceuticals + Botanicals; Resilience + Lifestyle; Practice Considerations; Testing; and Vaccines.

Sanitation Protocols

N95 Mask UV Sanitation

Open PDF

Prepared by Herbalista Free Clinic, based on Nebraska Medicine Health Network’s Protocols established 4/10/20. 

If you don’t have a UV Sanitation Machine, here is a video from a doctor in Washington State who made his own UV Sanitizer Box.


Color for Justice!  Color for Calm!

Open Printable Coloring Book
Pandemic Animals 💜 We are the medicine. Original illustrations by Ricardo Levins Morales. Adapted for coloring pages by Cory Teshera-Levye. Free for non-commercial use.

Harvest + Growing

Wildcrafting Log Sheet

Open Google Doc

We care deeply about the health of our planet and the plants, so please, only gather from clean and abundant sources! If you are not familiar with “ethical wildcrafting,” please spend the time to read this information made available by Howie Brounstein here.  Do not pick protected, in danger, or at-risk plants.  To learn more about this, please visit the United Plant Savers Species At-Risk Page

Growing + Harvest Records

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It is increasingly hard to source herbs from far away.  This is the perfect time to build more local herbal infrastructure.  Here are the records we use for our Grow a Row Program.

Grow a Row Atlanta

Open Link

The Grow A Row Program promotes herban-agriculture in the Atlanta area by encouraging seed and skill sharing.  Now, more than ever, it is so important we establish a local herbal infrastructure!  We welcome farmers, schools, and individuals! 

ATL Resources

United Way of Great Atlanta

Open Link

Very succinct listing of resources — food services (food pantries, soup kitchens, grocery delivery, senior hours, free school meal distro, etc); housing services (eviction and foreclosure); health and medical (testing, mental health); prescription services; childcare services; employment; benefits; etc.


COVID-19 Community Care Brochure

Open PDF

2 sided google doc brochure written with practical advice for our friends living on the street.

Folleto de cuidado para el COVID-19

Open PDF

Foletto imprimible hecho por “Herbalista Free Clinic”, una clínica gratuita, para ser distribuido y con atención especial para los que viven sin hogar o con escasos recursos.

Multi-Lingual COVID-19 Factsheets

Open Link

Now in 35 languages, All of these factsheets are “reviewed and vetted by physicians and medical school faculty members at the Harvard hospitals. These materials are created in collaboration with Harvard Health Publishing. These materials are freely available for download and distribution without copyright restrictions.”  Fact sheets for adults and different age groups of children!

HerbCare Pack Ideas

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When assembling a care pack, there are lots of options.  Think about if your pack is geared towards prevention, or to help care for someone already suffering with mild illness.  Here are suggestions for different categories of care and items you might consider.

Mercy Church Community HerbCare Packages

Open Google Doc

Example packing list for the HerbCare Packages we are distributing to our friends on the street via Mercy Church.  Notice we also include HerbCare Packages for the Mercy Staff, and also herbs for use when they prepare food for the soup kitchen.

Packing List for Grocery Distro Location

Open Google Doc

Example packing list for the HerbCare Packages we are distributing to folks via the Free Grocery Distro at the South Bend Commons.  We’ve included lots of kitchen medicine in these packs that can be useful to folks who have kitchens and can cook.

HerbCare Pack Insert Example

Open PDF

Though we try our best to keep the remedies in the HerbCare Packs familiar and easy to use, it is helpful to also include a little insert.  We love to put fun things on the back to lighten the mood.  Sometimes we put one of the Color for Justice Animals… sometimes a breathing exercise, etc.

Prevention Graphix

Open PDF

Courtesy of Dublin Airport, a simple graphic with hygiene and safety reminders.

Creative Commons License

* To promote growth, collaboration, and generosity, all work included in this toolkit is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.   This means you are free to share and adapt the material as long as you follow the license terms (i.e. crediting original source and if you decide to then distribute your material, it must continue to be free for others to ShareAlike!!)