The days grow shorter and we will soon miss the abundantly warm embrace of our sunny, southern skies. The nights will grow colder, slowly slicing away at our skin, nipping and then biting our tender toes and ears. The barren branches will solemnly stand witness to the dissonant chord struck in our hearts, as the dimming light of winter threatens our primal need for security. Winter intimidates even the most finely housed of individuals.

To many the twinkling lights of holiday cheer are reminders of a home one doesn’t have, and the blanket that had offered a taste of rest will be unable to cushion against a frozen ground. What I am wondering tonight, is can this fading warmth actually stoke our abilities? Will we manage to take inspiration from the dying leaves burning in bright defiance against a cold, stark sky? Can the challenges of winter create champions of us all? I almost wrote that I hope it does, but I once read that hope is based on fear. And while fear is a strong motivator, it does not provide nourishment; action based solely on fear will be short lived. So even if fear be the initial spark, let us stoke our bonfires with compassion and sustain these flames on a love of community. And just to pour a little herbal fuel on the fire, please enjoy these recipes for herbal holiday gifts.

Herbal Holiday Gifts

May you be warmed by cinnamon and ginger from your hearts to your toes.

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