February Herbal Happenings
Friday, February 1, 2013

Even in this typically bleak & frosty month, my heart is glowing. It is with a very special joy that I watch the first sprouts emerge of an herbal project whose seeds were planted long ago.

The Herbalista Free Clinic (aka the Herb Bus) begins her rounds this month! The incredible encouragement and support of this project by so many is proof of how eager Atlanta is for this type of care. We have been invited to take part in this month’s Georgia Organics Conference. We will be on site, providing Herbal First Aid and sharing our vision of building healthy community through herbalism. Please stop by– no scraped knees required!

In this month of giving valentines and roses to friends and family, don’t forget to nurture your own heartsong. The aromatic rose, ancient symbol for love, is one of our most powerful heart-medicines. Rosa uplifts our spirits, heals our grief, and with her thorns, protects our delicate many petaled heart. The Persian poet Rumi tells us “Every rose that is sweet scented within, that rose is telling the secrets of the universe.” To read more about rose medicine, check out this month’s issue of the Sevananda Co-options Newspaper, or if the co-op isn’t near your stomping grounds, you can read it here.

Early February marks the midpoint between winter solstice and spring equinox. We have passed the darkest hour and are rewarded with the dandelions, crocuses, and forsythia blossoms, pointing us towards spring. I invite you to take part in the many herbal happenings this month to help shake off your winter blues and celebrate a fertile year ahead!

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