Herbalista Free School

Welcome to the Free School, a new Herbalista initiative offering free online classes to help you along your herbal journey.

All classes are FREE and open to the PUBLIC.  Classes are on a variety of subjects and are open to herbalists and herb lovers of all levels. 

Topics include Herbal First Aid, Wildcrafting, Medicine Making, Field Botany, Herbal Actions and Energetics, Holistic Lifestyle, Materia Medica, Herbal Therapeutics, Community Herbal Initiatives, and oh-so-much-more.

All classes are taught live via Zoom.  Classes are recorded and then also made available to our sustaining members via the Herbalista Toolkit


How it works

To Register: Registration links will be posted in the month before a class takes place. Once you register, you will receive an email that includes the Zoom link to your class as well as links to any instructional materials so you can print or download them for class.

Using Zoom: You will need Zoom in order to attend these classes.  If you don’t already have a Zoom account, they are free to create.  Here is the link to get started and create your account: https://zoom.us/freesignup/  And here is a video that shows you how to join a Zoom meeting: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-Joining-a-Zoom-video-call

Class Schedule: Classes take place on Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the year.  There are between 2 and 3 classes each month.

Wednesday Classes are 90 minutes long and last from 2:30 – 4 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). For those of you joining us from Ireland, class meets from 7:30 – 9 PM Irish Standard Time (IST).

Sunday Classes are longer (yay!).  They consist of 3 hours of class time with a 30 minute break in the middle.  Classes run from 12:30 – 4 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) and 5:30 – 9 PM Irish Standard Time (IST).

Support the Free School

If you like what you see and would like to support our efforts, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.  For more info on how you can support our work, please go here.

Calendar of Classes

The classes listed below are open to herbalists and herb lovers of all levels.

Registration links and detailed class descriptions are posted in the month before a class takes place. We’ve color coded the classes — green for Sunday classes and blue for Wednesday classes


Kitchen Herbalism: Fire Cider

Register here

Wednesday, February 2nd [2:30 – 4 PM EST]

As we kick off our first class of the Herbalista Free School, we thought what better way of kindling this fire than by making a batch of Fire Cider 🔥 We will also share info on starting a Fire Cider Brigade.

Herbal Traditions

Register here

Sunday, February 6th [12:30 – 4 PM EST]

The world of Herbalism is vast and varied, a veritable rainbow of traditions. In this class we will explore a few traditions in order to discuss common themes of health and healing.  We can then apply these concepts to our work as community herbalists.


Kitchen Herbalism: Spring Health 

Wednesday, March 2nd [2:30 – 4 PM EST]

Herbal Actions and Energetics

Sunday, March 6th [12:30 – 4 PM EST]

Tincture Making 101: Weight to Volume + Mixing Custom Menstruums

Sunday, March 13th [12:30 – 4 PM EST]


Herb Cart Crash Course

Sunday, April 3rd [12:30 – 4 PM EST]

Crafting a Materia Medica

Wednesday, April 6th [2:30 – 4 PM EST]

Herbal First Aid

Sunday, April 17th [12:30 – 4 PM EST]


Botany for the Herbalist

Sunday, May 1st [12:30 – 4 PM EST]

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Wednesday, May 4th [2:30 – 4 PM EST]

Hot Glycerite Extraction 

Wednesday, May 25th [2:30 – 4 PM EST]


Kitchen Herbalism: Summer Health

Wednesday, June 1st [2:30 – 4 PM EST]

Water Medicine: Tea, Syrup and Hydrotherapy

Sunday, June 5th [12:30 – 4 PM EST]

Making Fresh Plant Tinctures

Wednesday, June 15th [2:30 – 4 PM EST]


Herbal Foot Care

Sunday, July 3rd [12:30 – 4 PM EST]

Creating an HerbCare Station

Wednesday, July 6th [2:30 – 4 PM EST]

Herbal Basics: Diet and Digestion

Sunday, July 17th [12:30 – 4 PM EST]


Urban Foraging

Wednesday, August 3rd [2:30 – 4 PM EST]

Herbal Basics: Daily Routine + Sleep Hygiene

Sunday, August 7th [12:30 – 4 PM EST]


Maintaining a Botanical Dispensary

Sunday, September 4th [12:30 – 4 PM EST]

Kitchen Herbalism: Autumn Health

Wednesday, September 7th [2:30 – 4 PM EST]

Oil Medicine: Infused Oils and Salves

Sunday, September 18th [12:30 – 4 PM EST]


Herbal Basics: Skin + Basic Wound Care

Sunday, October 2nd [12:30 – 4 PM EST]

Tincture Making: Percolation

Wednesday, October 5th [2:30 – 4 PM EST]

Distillation: Hydrosols and Essential Oils

Sunday, October 16th [12:30 – 4 PM EST]


Kitchen Herbalism: Ginger Candy

Wednesday, November 2nd [2:30 – 4 PM EST]

Herbal Basics: Heart Medicine

Sunday, November 6th [12:30 – 4 PM EST]

Making HerbCare Packs

Wednesday, November 9th [2:30 – 4 PM EST]


Kitchen Herbalism: Winter Health

Wednesday, December 7th [2:30 – 4 PM EST]