We have an opening for a new apprentice starting September 4th! The application deadline is July 15th!

You will be trained on a variety of skills, from medicine making and dispensary maintenance to clinical concerns. We are a small operation facilitating a number of projects. By joining our crew you will learn the nuts ‘n bolts of how we keep these healthcare initiatives rolling. As a significant portion of this apprenticeship revolves around our free clinic projects, we are looking to share this opportunity with applicants who hold a similar philosophy and wish to help us serve the Atlanta community.

The apprenticeship requires a one year commitment.  Learn more about our apprenticeship at the Herbalista Website.

Dedicating yourself to free community herbal healthcare is not an easy task! Basically, it’s not always a rose-scented-cauldron-stirring kinda situation.

The hours we spend in actual clinic are minor in comparison to all of the behind the scenes work we must do to keep a project like this going! There is bottle washing. There is schlepping. There is paperwork. There is medicine making. There is kit and dispensary maintenance. There is organizing… and reorganizing. There is scheduling. There is fundraising… and did I mention the schlepping?

We are the underbelly of healthcare and we take on what others won’t or can’t. We make the best of often shitty situations. We navigate difficult realities and bear witness to injustice at all levels of society. We do a lot with a little and a little with next to nothing. We make a difference… sometimes. We are cultivating community day by day, planting seeds and pulling weeds (which we then turn into medicine, of course.)

We self-reflect. We acknowledge our privilege and our trauma. We acknowledge those things in the world. We meet people where they are at. We hold safe space. We do our best and we make mistakes. We learn and we give it another shot. We are works in progress.

Community herbalism inspires creativity and promotes agility. It is empowering and humbling. It illuminates your mind, nurtures your capacity for love, but can also break your heart. For me the important thing is that we are in this together. We have each other and we have the plants.

We are lucky to be community herbalists indeed!

Thank you for your interest in our work and helping us build community through herbalism!

~ Herbalista Lorna