Went down to Woodruff Park (aka Troy Davis Park) in downtown Atlanta yesterday afternoon to provide herbal care alongside the Food not Bombs crew. Worked with around 12 people over the 2 hours we were there. Most people were dealing with winter time ailments — chest congestion, sinus congestion, low energy, and the aches and pains the cold weather brings. But there were also folks who wanted help with chronic concerns, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. I make sure to bring non-alcoholic options (glycerinates, capsules, tea bags) in addition to my tincture kit as not every one can take medicines prepared with alcohol.

The gentleman in the picture is holding my log-in sheet, which I use to keep track of the conditions I see and the remedies I offer. It also has spaces to mark important information such as medications they might already be taking, allergies they have, and if they can take remedies made in alcohol. There is a copy of this form in the SEWHC First Aid Manual that is available for free in PDF form from the “Resources” page of the Herbalista website.

I want to thank the Food not Bombs volunteers for the great work they do. And I hope I can join them again soon.