And we’re home! Once again, our sweet lil’ Herb Bus took this Herbalista safely around the country and back.  This year’s expedition ended up covering 8,000 miles of Americana.   8,000 miles of changing circumstance.  8,000 miles of lush forests and scorching drought. 8,000 miles of dilemmas and discovery, scarcity and opportunity, of pain and of healing.  It was 8,000 miles to share and to learn.  8,000 miles to think and 8,000 miles to dream.
I thank everyone who gave me this chance.  Much appreciation to the clinics and practitioners who hosted me, love to the friends and family who shared my journey, and gratitude to the mighty crew who held it down in the ATL and made it all possible.

And the crew I speak of is larger than Herbalista.  It is larger than the Big House or the Open Door Community.  Our crew rolls deep.  We may not always know each other, but we are headed in the same direction.  We may not have realized we had each other’s backs, but we defend the same rights and stand by the same ideals.

A big shout-out to the urban agrarians; the homesteaders and humanitarians; the craftsmen and caretakers; the teachers and radicals; the permaculturalists and pacifists; the wellness warriors and earth champions. Thank you friends of the field, the forest, the street, and the subway. May we continue to rally together, for health and community!

Herbally yours,
~ Lorna