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These hydrosols were lovingly distilled by the Herbalista Crew, using locally wildcrafted and organically grown herbs!

Your donation directly supports the Herbalista Grow a Row Program! The Grow a Row Program was born in 2014 as a way to both nurture the Atlanta herb growing scene and also to help the free clinic source affordable herbs!  We offer agro-education and herbalistic opportunities, sowing the seeds for a more resilient city! 

What is a Hydrosol?

A hydrosol is the water portion of a plant distillation. Many people are familiar with distillations for the production of essential oils, but hydrosols are also incredible medicine! Hydrosols are safe for all ages and skin types as they are water based. You can use them wherever you would use water (i.e. to freshen up your linens, facial toner, for diaper changes, for itchy skin, etc.). Hydrosols have a shelf life of about 18-24 months if kept in a dark and cool place.

About the Grow a Row Program

The Grow A Row (GAR) initiative of the Herbalista Free Clinic aims to get hands in the soil! GAR demystifies plant medicine by fostering relationships with the herbs that grow in our own backyards. We offer educational workshops, volunteer skillshare sessions and tours of the Learning Garden. As we partner with individuals, farmers and businesses, we are increasing  the amount of herbs cultivated in Atlanta while reducing the mileage our remedies travel before reaching our shelves. Support local remedies 💚.