March Herbal Happenings

Friday, March 1, 2013

February was a short, but busy month. The Herbalista Free Clinic (aka the Herb Bus) made several stops and is looking forward to continuing to bring earth based care to Atlanta and beyond. Here we are, stationed at The Open Door, which is one of the communities we will be serving on a regular, monthly basis. We also ran the herbal first aid station at the Georgia Organics Conference, which proved to be an amazing opportunity to both spread the health and exchange ideas with a great group of people committed to sustainable, earth-friendly practices.

This month promises many more opportunities to connect people and plants, strengthening the bond that sustains us. Atlanta has been gifted with a new school, one that is dedicated to promoting “the wellbeing of individuals as well as the health of the community and environment through experiential self-reliance and sustainability skills education.” The Homestead Atlanta will offer a variety of classes from log splitting to fiber arts at different satellite locations around the city. And what homestead school could be complete without herbal offerings? I hope you can join me and the Homestead Atlanta for a weekend-long medicine making workshop later this month.

Herbal Happenings began one year ago, birthed in the month of March, when winter gave way to a rising spring. There is a vibrance and urgency to the energy of spring, one that we can harness and use for the greater good. How will you direct this resurgent energy? What is your vision of health and how can you nurture that within yourself and spread it throughout your community?

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