Ready to start your project?

Are you looking to offer healthcare to your community?

Do you have a vision to serve but need a little help with the nuts ‘n bolts of your project?  We’re here to help!

Herbalista has spent over a decade facilitating grassroots healthcare projects and would love to share that experience with you and your community group!  As helpful as the online resources and Herbalista Toolkit can be, we realize that there is also a need for more personalized support.

Our consultations are customized packages, tailored for your needs.  Through meetings (due to COVID, these are via phone or Zoom), editing assistance with written materials,  or workshops on specific topics, we can help you to articulate and develop the protocols for a successful and sustainable project.

We have experience working in the worlds of:

  • mobile clinics
  • pop-up first aid stations
  • herbal dispensaries
  • sliding scale work
  • community health fairs
  • foot care stations
  • community medicine making workshops
  • herbcare/ self-care stations

Consultation Packages

Your consultation package will be custom formulated for your needs.  As we say at Herbalista – different strokes for different folks!

Our rates are offered along a sliding scale from $50 – $125 per hour for phone or Zoom appointments.  The rate is similar for editing assistance on written materials (service plans, clinical forms, dispensary forms, etc.)

Here are some of the different options for your consultation package:

  • Access to the Herbalista Toolkit
  • Workshop Trainings
  • Zoom sessions or phone calls on  specific topics of your choosing or general Q&A.  These sessions can be scheduled per your needs for start up assistance or ongoing monthly mentorship. Topic examples: form creation, clinic management, fundraising, volunteer management, medicine making, dispensary concerns, etc.    
  • Direct Editing Assistance with the creation of your Service Plan + Manual, including forms and protocols via written assessments and Skype Planning Sessions

Workshop Examples

Mobile Medicine: Buses and Carts and Bikes, oh my!

The Herbalista Free Clinic provides free herbal care to underserved communities via our mobile clinics, the Herb Bus, the Herb Cart, and the Dublin Herb Bike. By freeing herbal clinics from the confines of brick and mortar, we lower cost, expand treatment capacity, and reduce many of the barriers folks face when accessing care. This class will share the nuts ‘n’ bolts of how we keep the wheels on our clinics turning and help you plan a project of your own!   We will cover topics such as kit building, crew concerns, dispensary practicalities, legalities, and other important logistics.  We will also share loads of resources that have been helpful to us as we navigate this model of care.  This workshop can be expanded to cover multiple days, with add-on’s such as form template creation, kit building, etc

Maintaining a Botanical Dispensary

The Herbalista Health Network manages several clinics and serves hundreds each year.  We make a majority of the remedies we dispense and do our best to follow a set of guidelines we like to call Good Herbalista Practices (cGHP’s).  In this class we will look at many of the forms and procedures we find helpful for tracking, proper identification, and sanitation; we will go over dispensary practicalities from the point of view of both herbalist and patient;  and finally, we will facilitate a conversation regarding the current FDA regulations and other legalities we face as practicing herbalists.

Setting up an HerbCare Station

Herbal medicine can truly be a medicine by and for the people! One way to demystify herbal medicine and to encourage folks to practice herbal self-care is by setting up HerbCare Stations. We have installed HerbCare Stations (aka self-care stations) at community centers, co-housing facilities, occupations, shelters, and offices. We’ve pushed them around on carts and set-up pop-up HerbCare stations in city parks and at health fairs, festivals and gatherings. These mini-health stations offer folks a chance to care for themselves with herbs and vitamins. It is a chance to both heal and to learn!  In this workshop we will explore the many different considerations when creating an HerbCare Station, including herb choices, proper dispensing techniques, important safety and hygiene considerations, and more.  We will set up a station at the workshop so you get hands-on experience with how effective they can be.


Our rates are offered along a sliding scale from $50 – $125 per hour for phone or Zoom appointments.  The rate is similar for editing assistance on written materials (service plans, clinical forms, dispensary forms, etc.)

Email for additional details.