Grow A Row Information Packet

This includes a overall description of the program, our wish list of 40 herbs, tons of growing tips, seed and plant resources, and other information pertaining to Herbalista’s Grow A Row Program.

Grow A Row Participant Pledge

This is our contract we use with growers where they may pledge to try to grow and harvest particular herbs for the clinics and also share information with our budding herb-growing community.

Grow A Row Materia Medica

Here you can find a list of our 40 herbs on our wish list with information about the medicinal properties, uses, indications, and preparations for each.

Please check back and take a look at these documents frequently! We are always adding new information as this program evolves and herb-growing knowledge is gleaned by our growers.

Growing + Harvest Records

Growers: please use this document to take records of your growing and harvesting processes and submit a copy to Herbalista with your donated herb. This helps us with quality control, but more importantly, this is a ready-made way for you to share your learning experience with us and the herb-growing community. If there’s something you think we should add to this template, let us know!