Community Clinic – ATL

The Herbalista Community Clinic is located in between East Atlanta and Ormewood Park, off the Moreland corridor.  We strive to offer affordable, accessible healthcare to our community and provide our services on a sliding scale basis.  If you are in need of free clinical services, we hope to be able to reopen our community health fair later in the summer.

All appointments are currently via Skype due to the COVID crisis.  We are still filling remedies for patients, with an herbal pick-up station at the clinic.

Dear Community,

We have had to make changes to our clinical offerings in response to the current COVID crises.  In addition to cancelling our Community Health Fair until it is safe to reopen,  we have also needed to close our Community Clinic Location to all onsite consultations. 

Our herbalists are currently working with patients via phone or Skype consultations, so please email them directly to make those arrangements as needed.

We realize that the community we serve is in even greater need and so some services have been cancelled, this allows us to restructure our services to respond in what we hope are effective ways for these current conditions, with a greater focus on simplified distribution of both information and supportive herbal remedies.

We have created a hub for COVID-19 information online, the COVID-19 Community Care Center, that we hope can be helpful to folks, not only in Atlanta, but in the greater community. In addition to sanitation guidelines and herbal immune support suggestions, this document also links to learn more about Mutual Aid groups operating in communities around the world. We hope this will help folks find the support they need in their neck of the woods!

We distribute HerbCare packages with things like hand sanitizers, elderberry elixirs, and other immune and respiratory supportive herbs, to the homeless community we support and to the front line carers that continue to serve.

This pandemic is revealing how broken the social and welfare fabric of our country is. Many, actually all of us, will suffer greatly due to this lack of public health policy, lack of universal healthcare, lack of housing, lack of food security, lack of so many things… maybe these events will teach us as a nation and a globe that health and happiness are not independent of others. They are collective pursuits. True healthcare is based on a foundation of mutual respect and mutual aid!

Thanks everyone for all that you do and remember to wash your hands πŸ’š




Available Monday thru Friday, by appointment. 

Lorna has been practicing herbal medicine for over a decade.  She completed an herbal residency with Michael Moore at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in 2004 and clinical studies at both the Blue Ridge School for Herbal Studies and BotanoLogos. She is the founder of the Herbalista Free Clinic and leads the Harriet Tubman Free Foot Clinic serving our friends on the street.  Practicing on both sides of the Atlantic, she is also a founding member of the Dublin Herb Bike and member of the Irish Register of Herbalists.  Lorna believes that in order to preserve our access to herbs we have to make them part of our everyday lives, from our kitchens to our medicine cabinets.



Christina Gibson is a practicing clinical herbalist based in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. She studied medical herbalism and Chinese Five Phase theory at the Botanologos School of Herbal Studies with Patricia Kyritsi Howell. In 2015 she began an apprenticeship with Lorna Mauney-Brodek of the Herbalista Free Clinic, where she continues to study and practice as a volunteer herbalist offering free clinical care for underserved communities.   Coming from a professional background in permaculture design, forest conservation, and urban ecology, Christina is dedicated to the promotion and practice of bioregional herbalism and the conservation of at-risk medicinal plants. She draws deep inspiration from observing how plants heal land in strikingly similar ways to how they can heal body, mind, and spirit. Christina gets her medicine from playing in the mountains and rivers of North Georgia with her dogs, Liwa and Tulsi.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the oldest and most widely used form of medicine in the world! Effective, affordable, environmentally friendly, with minimal side effects, and tantalizing to all the senses, herbs are a vital part to a healthy present and future!

We are general herbal practitioners, not medical doctors, and do not diagnose disease or prescribe medications.  We have experience aiding children and adults with a variety of issues. We works WITH the patient and value an open, honest dialogue about your current concerns and health goals.  We value collaborative care and believe that we can achieve our most vital health through cooperation between conventional and traditional medical methods.

After a thorough intake, including medical history, current lifestyle review, and pulse and tongue analysis, we will create a plan consisting of suggestions for healthy daily routines and recommendations for herbal therapies. Custom formulas can be compounded in house from our full dispensary.

Initial consultations last around 2 hours.  Follow-up Appointments can last up to 1 hour.

Sliding Scale

Give as you are able, and receive what you need!  Please note– these prices are for consultations and do not include herbal remedies.

Initial Appointment $25 – $150
Follow-up Appointment $10 – $75

Suggested Fee Schedule

High Waged

Initial consult β€” Adults $150 / Children $50
Follow-up consults β€” Adults $75 / Children $30

Middle Waged

Initial consult β€” Adults $100 / Children $40
Follow-up consults β€” Adults $50 / Children $20

Low Waged

Initial consult β€” Adults $40 / Children $10
Follow-up consults β€” Adults $25 / Children $5

No Wage

Initial consult β€” Adults $25 / Children $0
Follow-up consults β€” Adults $10 / Children $0

Cancellation Policy

Spaces at the community clinic are limited.  If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you must notify your herbalist with at least 24 hours advance notice!