Dear Friends and Lovers of Life,

After the intense struggles of 2017 and now facing what surely is a long road ahead, we must take the time to protect and sustain our core.  I, for one, am worn the f**k out.  While it’s been hard bearing witness to structural bigotry, it’s been even harder watching the left eat itself.  I’m starting to think this liberal cannibalism is a symptom of deep exhaustion, that our wells have run dry.  And I’m ready to refill.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to give you the whole “self-care for the activist” spiel, demanding you take more passionflower and load up on adaptogens.  But rather, I would offer that instead of doing more, we might do less, and take our cue from winter’s rest.

May we revive ourselves with simple solitude, find contentment in the quiet, and cultivate some good old fashioned inner peace so we can share it with others.

Herbally yours,
~ Lorna


Please wait–

lay down your sword, your pen,
your tongue, your hate.

This has been a brutal year,
savage fought and etched by fear.

Let the rush of day, slow and creep,

and the low hung light,
bring you sanctioned sleep.

In this hush taste the marrow red,
a molten life, despite winter dread.

This sacred source, just yours alone

found in the still and the break
of your salty bones.


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