The Dublin Herb Bike is a mobile clinic providing free, herbal care and comfort to communities in need around Dublin.

We are a collective of herbalists and herb lovers who built this project from the street up, making our medicines as a community, building our kits, and sharing them with folks in need.  In addition to our free mobile herb clinic, we also offer regular Plant Rambles and Community Medicine Making Workshops around Dublin. 

How to Find Us

The Dublin Herb Bike is currently serving at the GPO (General Post Office) on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 8PM alongside Hope in the Darkness Soup Kitchen.  We offer a variety of herbal remedies such as glycerite extracts, syrups, teas, capsules, hydrosols, aromatic inhalers and more. 

Volunteer with Us!

The Dublin Herb Bike is a volunteer run community project.  All services and remedies are offered for free!

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer, here are the steps!

  • Please introduce yourself and let us know that you are considering volunteering with the Bike.
  • Come to either a Plant Ramble or Solidarity Medicine Making Workshop first!  This gives us a chance to meet you and also offers you the chance to understand more about the ethos of our offerings.
  • If you are interested in serving on the Bike as a clinician or in the apothecary, please send us an email at so we can share with you more detailed information and our training requirements.


The Dublin Herb Bike is a grassroots project and relies on community support.  We are unbelievable grateful for all of the herbalists, volunteers and businesses who have helped us and continue to support the mission!  We can’t do it without you and we wouldn’t want to!

  • If you are interested in displaying a Herb Bike Donation Jar at your business, or would like to help with other goods or services, please send us an email:

HerbShare Dublin Workshops

We strive for a model of healthcare that is based on solidarity and not charity.  Our web of programming is built to spread the knowledge, share the costs, and give us all the opportunity to learn while supporting each other. Our workshops are sliding scale and helps to keep the Herb Bike rolling!  Hope you can join us!  Workshop and events are listed on the Dublin HerbShare Page.


Join us at one of our Solidarity Medicine Making Workshops combining service with learning!

As we are committed to providing an alcohol-free clinic, we focus on creating an array of potent glycerite and vinegar extracts, capsules, tea and powder blends.  At these workshops, usually held at the Fumbally Stables, we prepare remedies to stock the Dublin Herb Bike’s apothecary.  Your registration fee helps to purchase the supplies needed to create beautiful and healing remedies for the Bike!

We offer these workshops a few times a year, to book a spot, please visit our HerbShare Dublin Page.


Join us at one of our Medicinal Plant Rambles and discover the remedies which grow all around us!

We will learn to identify many of the wild plants which call Dublin home and how you can incorporate them into your life!  Plant Rambles are also a great way to meet other folks who are also interested in foraging, botany, and wild plant medicine.

Funds raised by Rambles go to support the Herb Bike!  You can book into upcoming Rambles here.


Herbs of Dublin

There are wonderful medicinal and edible plants growing all around us, even right here in the Big Smoke.  Learning our local plants improves our health, reduces oil consumption AND provides security in knowing that what you need is growing right out your backdoor.

We have added a new photo gallery page to the website where we have begun to document all of the lovely medicinal herbs we see growing around town!

Herbs of Dublin Photo Gallery

Dublin Community Care Listing

Free + Low Cost Dublin Community Care Resources

The answer isn’t always a herb… sometimes what someone needs is a dental appointment, or a meditation session, or acupuncture.  Sometimes someone needs a counseling session or just a decent meal!  We have begun this listing in hopes of helping folks find the affordable care they need.

The information provided here has been pulled from a variety of sources, such as the web or word of mouth.  Please help us to grow this resource!  If you have had any experience with these services and would like to suggest modifications to descriptions, or if you can recommend additions to our list, please notify us at

Dublin Community Care Listing

Herb Bike Manual

The newest edition of the Dublin Herb Bike Service Manual is available online as a FREE pdf download!  This manual details our services from pop-up clinics to HerbCare Stations and we hope helps others start up Herb Bikes or other mobile herb clinics in their neck of the woods!  

Dublin Herb Bike Service Manual 2023

Contact Us!

Thank You!

We are appreciative of the support we have received from herbal colleagues and organizations over the years.  A special thanks goes out to the Irish Register of Herbalists for their constant encouragement and support and to the National Institute of Medical Herbalists who, in 2021, named the Dublin Herb Bike as their Inaugural International Winners for ‘Herbalism in the Community’.  

Irish Register of Herbalists *  Fumbally Stables  * The Organic Herb Trading Co. * The Packaging Center * Vape Freaks * Veriditas Hibernica Herbal School * the Dublin Print Co. * Wild Routes Ireland * Wholefoods Wholesale * the Home Sweet Home Campaign * the Restore Center * Evergreen * Klee Paper * Deirdre Daly Natre’s Knowledge * Julie Smyth’s Farm * Bridgefoot Community Garden * Belfast Herbalist * and all of the herbalists and volunteers who donate their time, energy and love!