Mobile Herbal Care + Comfort

The Herb Bus was the original mobile clinic of the Herbalista Free Clinic.  Tasked with the mission of providing herbal care + comfort to underserved communities, the Herb Bus began services in Atlanta, Georgia during the winter of 2012- 2013.  For 5 years, until February of 2018, the Herb Bus made regular monthly rounds at different stations in Atlanta– the Open Door and the Big House.  With the side tent serving as a consult room and the interior of the Bus serving as the dispensary where customized formulas were compounded and dispensed, the Bus served hundreds of visitors. 

In February of 2018, our last service station at the Big House closed and the Herbalista Free Clinic made a major transition, refocusing our our different models of care.  We realized that not everyone has access to a Bus to run a clinic, so we wanted to focus our attention on helping to develop models that might be more replicable for other herbalists trying to make change in their communities!  We reworked the Herb Cart Program in Atlanta and helped to start two Herb Bike Clinics in Ireland, one in Dublin and the other in Cork City. 

The Herb Bus still plays a large role in the work of Herbalista in and around Atlanta.  The Herb Bus transports other clinics, such as the Herb Cart, First Aid Stations, HerbCare Stations, and also serves as a mobile classroom.  We share the Herb Bus model with communities and schools around the country through clinical trainings and workshops.  Viva la Herb Bus!

A free webinar we did for the American Herbalists Guild on how the Herb Bus was created and provided services:


Starting your own clinic!

If you are looking to provide herbal care in your community, please check our our free online manuals available for the Herb Bus, the Herb Cart, the Herb Bike, the Harriet Tubman Foot Care Clinic, and more!

Join the Herbalista Community to use our online Herbalista Toolkit!  This resource is available for Sustaining Members.