Meet your Green Neighbors!

The land around you is chock full of edible and medicinal plants – even in the urban landscape. We hold Plant Rambles throughout the year and offer folks a chance to learn basic plant identification and botany skills, medicinal uses for urban weeds, and more. 

Dublin Plant Rambles

As Herbalista Lorna is currently in Dublin, she will be offering Plant Rambles in support of the Dublin Herb Bike.  Rambles are by donation.  All money for Dublin Plant Rambles goes to providing earth-based care to underserved populations in and around Dublin. For upcoming Plant Rambles, please check our HerbShare Dublin Page.

Atlanta Plant Rambles

There are so many incredible folks and groups offering Plant Rambles in Atlanta.  Please check out the following links for more information:

Plant Rambling Resources

Rambling is all about meeting the plants.  We spend time getting to know them, in the environment where they thrive, observing them in all their verdant glory.  This is not the time for harvesting.  If you are interested in learning more about foraging and harvesting wild plants, please visit our Forage Page.

Botany Basics

There are many ways for an herbalist to deepen their relationship with plants.  Botany is one such way. It offers us a language with which we can observe and describe plant characteristics and also a structure through which we can understand the relationships between plants and plant communities.  An understanding of basic botany will not only enhance your understanding of herbs, but also assists us in the gathering and preparing of our medicines.  Here is a link to our Botany Basics Handout which includes a Resource Listing. 

Our Botany for Herbalists Free School Class is on May 1st and the class video will also be loaded to the online Herbalista Toolkit for later viewing